Thursday, July 17, 2008

Final Decision

The jury is no longer out, the University of Utah is the winner in the Slumpfacade sweepstakes!!! I plan on leaving August 15, 2008; its a 17 hour drive. This time last year I was still angry because I was not admitted into the University of Oklahoma, one year later I'm declining their offer; intriguing indeed. Needless to say, I'm going to miss Oklahoma City, in fact, I already do. The good news is I'm having a WHITE LINEN GOING AWAY BASH on August 9,2008, 143 people on the list, its going to be MAJOR in a major way! I'm going to miss blogging about poetry, however, I'll definitely post from time to time. Keep me in your prayers and no, I won't continue writing poetry. When reading my book lately, I often wonder who wrote those pieces; I was truly in a different place, a different space.

Enough small talk, if you need to reach me do so at:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blind As A Bat!

Which pair is the hottest, it time to upgrade myself--I've been doing so for like three months now?

Monday, April 28, 2008


Never trust a woman who paints a negative picture of her husband/lover, yet continues to stand by his side,

Never confide in a woman who poses as the "Damsel in Distress" mentality, she may secretly be plotting your demise,

Never believe a woman who uses the word “friend” in a liberal manner,

Never support a woman who’s banter is filled with drama,

Never aid a woman who is unwilling to change though she knows she is wrong,

Never give praise to a woman elevates herself while calling those around her weak, not strong,

Never select the woman whore over the virgin because the latter finds no value in sexual aversion,

Never allow the mistress woman to interact with your spouse; remember, the goal is to ALWAYS protect the house,

Never fall victim to the words of a woman who has not your best interest at heart,

Never align yourself with a woman who, from the start, is filled with deceit,

Never let a woman drag you to defeat,

Most importantly, never worship a woman like God no matter how good the
so-called love feels and never, never ever, give a woman the power to break your will…

The Beauty of it all...

Last October, I began an in-depth prayer process which consisted of asking God for an opportunity to pursue a doctorate. The process led to applying at the following universities: University of Utah, Oklahoma State University, Mercer University and the University of Oklahoma. The good news is the final choice comes down to the former and the latter, the bad news is it must be made by Friday.

I grew up in a house where if you pray to God and your prayers go unanswered what you wanted was either out of the Will of God or it was not your time to receive the blessing--the third choice was your prayer was not specific enough to warrant a response. The flipside is, I was never told what to do if you pray for something and God opens several doors to the point where you have to choose between which blessings you want.
Luckily, I've had the opportunity to visit both universities, the former in January and the latter on last week when I was interviewed by the faculty (intimidating X 1000).

Interestingly, I prayed for the opportunity, met a random stranger at the Los Angeles NCAN conference, applied to the University of Utah and several opportunities presented themselves.
Initially, I didn't want to apply to the University of Oklahoma, in fact, I applied the day before the deadline. I was afraid, yes me, to take the interview, which didn't go in my favor, but before I can get out of the parking lot, upon its conclusion, I get a congratulatory call from professor telling me I'm accepted!

Unbelievable... date, I am beside myself with which direction to select, however, one thing is for certain, I'm on my way towards Bryan K Hotchkins, Ph.D., of this I am very much proud considering just three years I didn't know where I wanted to be in the world of education.
In closing, either choice will change the dynamics of my family tree, forever...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Sorry, but...

Lately, I've been cleaning house, starting with myself (almost done). Next, I'll focus on adding to and eliminating persons within my social circle. In attempting to weight the importance of who matters, I've contemplated which attributes of a so-called friend are necessary--the list is five deep:

Mutual Admiration
Always Tell Me What I Need to Hear
Protect Me from Myself
Be Godly, e. g. aspire to be righteous

The purpose of this post was to explore the words, "I'm Sorry". What do they actually mean and why do people use the term. When I say "I'm sorry," its an admission to my wrong doing toward a person, more importantly, afterwards, I make an effort not to repeat the offense. Something I never say is "I'm sorry you feel my remarks were wrong...," this implies I've done nothing wrong; you just misunderstood what I said. I think some people say "I'm sorry," because they are hurting for hurting you. Some say it because they know if they do you'll forgive them for their actions. Some say it because it makes them feel good; keep in mind they are not apologizing for what they did--therapeutic. Some say it in hopes God will take note of their sorrowful acknowledgement. Some say it in order to get in your panties; note, women are a sukka for apologies especially if its tear-filled. Some say it in order to get you to take them shopping; note, SOME men are a damn fool for apologies especially if its done on your knees. Some say it because they know you'll tell your friends they said "sorry" and it will make them look good. Some say it because they were taught to say it. Some say it to make the situation better.

However, some say it in effort to further get you to let down your guard so they can continue abusing you; this is the absolute worst reason to say "I'm sorry"--unfortunately, people do it every day. Why do you say it, if ever you do?

I was told a long time ago, "baby, people only do things for two reasons, because they are afraid they'll lose something or in effort to gain something".

Ironic ain't it...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friends w/Benefits

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine who has the so-called "other woman". She is cool, confident playing her role as Second First Lady and claims she will be by his side for all of eternity or until he gets a divorce and decides to be with someone other than her. In fact, she has told him several times if you ever get a divorce, I want it to just be you and I and you can't cheat on me... In the words of one of my friends, "Are you serious right now?"

Here is where I began to not understand the mentality of the OTHER woman. I've dated someones' wife. She was 20 years my Senior, and in doing so, I never once believed we'd share anything other than a bed and great conversation. The entire relationship was an exchange of sorts, I gave her attention/sex and she exposed me to the societal elite/hidden rules of the upper class. She ended it as fast as it began, guess she grew bored, afterall, what more could I offer? Nothing!

Back to the OTHER woman, what interest me is her belief he'll not want to cheat on her when she represented how to cheat, how to deceive and how to lie. Another issue is, how the OTHER woman demands he'll not cheat on her once they get together; truly amazing. The third thing is why is being the OTHER woman cool, but having the man you love cheat on you with the OTHER woman not cool?

Love is definitely strong and has a way of making one blind to the facts, as Flavor Flav would say, but honestly, if I were the OTHER man I definitely wouldn't demand I not be cheated on because I wouldn't want to have anything remotely special someone's wife. Especially, if I've already had her again, again, again and again.

The flip side of love is the emotional affair, which is the most powerful because it controls one's heart, emotions and actions at times. Would I engage in such an act...

Until next post!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Promoting the Craft

I'm not typically into so-called excessive promotion of fraternal organizations, however, I believe I've made a personal breach. Do you like, opinions please?